G E Lodge, watercolour, partridge on rocks in moorland landscape, 11ins x 17ins

SOLD FOR £1,050

David Bates, watercolour, sheep in landscape with figure by a fence, 14ins x 10ins


Katherine Read, pastel, 30ins x 25ins

SOLD FOR £3,500

William Hoare, pastel, 23.5ins x 17.5ins

SOLD FOR £2,000

King Carlos of Portugal, Fleet coming into Lagos Bay, 11ins x 18ins


After Laurence Stephen Lowry R.A., colour reproduction print, Peel Park Salford, signed in pencil in the margin

SOLD FOR £2,400

John Cyril Harrison, watercolour, study of four partridges in landscape, 18ins x 13ins (D)

SOLD FOR £1,300

Alan Lownes, three limited edition colour prints, town scenes with figures and buildings


George Cockram, watercolour, An Anglesey Gorse Bank, 10ins x 16ins (D)

SOLD £600

George Cockram, watercolour, An Anglesey Gorse Bank, 10ins x 16ins (D)

SOLD £700

Albert George Stevens, watercolour, 14ins x 10ins

SOLD for £880

J C Hoyle, pair of watercolours, oval landscapes

SOLD for £3,800

Rowland Hilder, watercolour, The Fens, 14ins x 20ins

SOLD for £880

Frank Egginton, watercolour, "Hayfield Co Sligo"

SOLD for £1,200

Luigi Chialiva, watercolour, 11ins x 18ins

SOLD for £2,200

Harold Gresley, watercolour, The Stepping Stones, 11ins x 15ins

SOLD for £700

J Doharty, antique black and white engraving, A Plan of the City of Worcester, 19.5 ins x 23ins

SOLD for £320

Edgar Bundy, watercolour, cavalier's within a panelled room, 20ins x 26ins

SOLD for £1,100

S & N Buck, antique coloured engraving, The South West Prospect of the City of Worcester, dated 1732, 12ins x 30.5ins

SOLD for £200

Rowland Langmair, black and white etching, Old Portsmouth, with figures in row boats and buildings beyond, 6ins x 16ins

SOLD for £130

Edgar Bundy, watercolour, cavalier's within a panelled room

SOLD £1,100

C F Buckley, 1856, watercolour, a Highland Pass with figures

SOLD £300

A 20th century diptych lithograph print, by Roy Lichtenstein

SOLD £250

John Speede, antique hand coloured map

SOLD £390

An album of watercolours, belonging to Thomas Hubert and Mrs Parker

SOLD £650

Ronald Searle, monochrome wash

SOLD £450

A framed map, after Speede and Moore

SOLD £580

A framed map of East India, after Bassett and Chiswell

SOLD £680

Ronald Searle, monochrome wash

SOLD £520

Norman Neasom, watercolour

SOLD £450

Attributed to David Cox Senior, watercolour

SOLD £500

George S. Elgood, signed and dated 1882, watercolour

SOLD £780

Henry Stannard, signed watercolour

SOLD £920

Hercules B. Brabazon, watercolour

SOLD £1,900

Cyril Power, 'The Eight', lino cut

SOLD £33,000

William James Neatby, watercolour on vellum

SOLD £260

An oval print, of a man of war ship

SOLD £310

A 19th century English School, watercolour

SOLD £230

Albert Goodwin, mixed media, Grey Dawn, Wells

SOLD £1,200

Albert Goodwin, watercolour and body colour

SOLD £2,500

Two prints, of the Bay of Naples

SOLD £400

A 20th century British School, lithograph

SOLD £550

Sidney Harold Meteyard, gauche

SOLD £880

Derrick Greaves, pencil sketch

SOLD £250

Charles Green, watercolour

SOLD £700

Pair of Italian school watercolours

SOLD £230

A Bartolozzi engraving, 22ins x 15ins

SOLD £150

Vincent Breton, watercolour, 14ins x 19.5ins

SOLD £150

A Neopolitan gouache, Eruz dell Anno 1820

SOLD £4,600

A Neopolitan gouache, Crotta di Pozzuoli

SOLD £1,600

A Neopolitan gouache, Casino Reale del Fusaro

SOLD £2,700

A Neopolitan gouache, L'Isola di Capri

SOLD £2,200

Beatrice Parsons, watercolour

SOLD £650

Rowland Hill, watercolour, a London scene

SOLD £280

A Neoplitan gouache, signed Chez Glass

SOLD £1,800

A Neopolitan gouache, signed Chez Glass

SOLD £1,250

Thomas Kitchin, an antique folding hand coloured map

SOLD £310

Theresa Sylvester Stannard, watercolour

SOLD £410

Utamaro, a 19th century Japanese colour woodblock print

SOLD £240

Theresa Sylvester Stannard, watercolour

SOLD £520

A framed collection of ten 20th century Italian gouaches

SOLD £440

A 20th century Italian school gouache

SOLD £550

George Richmond, bust portrait of a gentleman

SOLD £280

A 19th century watercolour, Huntsman

SOLD £260

John Nash, watercolour

SOLD £200

Atributed to T S Cooper, watercolour

SOLD £220

John Piper, limited edition print of 75, Archways

SOLD £650

J B Noel, signed, watercolour

SOLD £300

Early 20th century Russian School

SOLD £2,100

Neville Cayley, watercolour, pair of Australian bird studies

SOLD £320

Josef Herman R.A., signed, watercolour

SOLD £1,600

Josef Herman R.A., signed, watercolour

SOLD £1,300

Henry Wilkinson, coloured engraving

SOLD £100

A 19th century Neopolitan gouache

SOLD £3,000

Sidney Meteyard, watercolour and gold

SOLD £950

Raoul Millais, pencil drawing

SOLD £270

Six lithographs, by James Ackermann of London

SOLD £950

Erte (Romain de Tirtoff), colour print, La Bijoux de Perle, 11.5ins x 8.25ins

SOLD £230

Dame Laura Knight R.A., watercolour

SOLD £8,800

Thomas Shotter Boys, watercolour

SOLD £1,500

Three Oriental watercolours, on rice paper


F T Widgery, watercolour, beach scene with waves

SOLD £230

Kyffin Williams, limited edition lithograph

SOLD £800

Frank Brangwyn, black and white etching,

Storm at Harvest

SOLD £300

J C Harrison, pheasants flighting

SOLD £600

A 19th century English school, watercolour, figures on the bank of an expanse of water

SOLD £380

C R Tunnicliffe, black and white etching

SOLD £820

Esposito, pair of watercolours

SOLD £250

Sir Kyffin Williams, artist proof

SOLD £460

Sir Kyffin Williams, watercolour

SOLD £1,350

Dame Laura Knight, pencil sketch, full length portrait study of Allardyce Nicoll

SOLD £2,700

Archibald Thorburn, watercolour, Mallard ducks

SOLD £9,500

A pair of Oriental watercolours on rice paper

SOLD £500

Dame Laura Knight, pencil sketch, study of a woman and three men

SOOLD £440

After Stubbs, four black and white engravings, Shooting, Plates I, II, III and IV, 16.5ins x 21ins

SOLD £1,250

A pencil study of a gentleman, 6.5ins x 11ins, together with another

SOLD £600

Josef Herman, pen and ink wash on paper, of a ballet dancer resting

SOLD £500

Attributed to David Cox Snr., watercolour, heath land landscape with bulls and windmill beyond

SOLD £1,700

Richard Cartwright, pastel, The Grand Canal Venice, 22.5ins x 32ins (D)

SOLD £520

H Andrew Freeth, watercolour, Beach scene, with figures in the sea and on deck chairs

SOLD £260

W Wylie, black and white etching, War ships coming into Continental harbour, possibly Naples, 7ins x 15ins

SOLD £200

Dame Laura Knight, pencil study, Olympia, circus study with performers and audience

SOLD £370

Joshua Cristall, sepia wash and pastel on tinted paper, a woman seated sewing outside a cottage

SOLD £350

Circle of William Roberts, watercolour, WWII period soldiers building a desert camp, together with another

SOLD £1,000

Eugenio Zampighi, pair of watercolours, each of a mother and a young child with chicks

SOLD £2,000

John Piper, pen and ink on blue paper, The Snape, Malting

SOLD £350