An R Lalique Dauphins glass bowl, decorated with fish swimming through swirls, diameter 9.25ins


A Stourbridge style 19th century millefiori paperweight inkwell


A 19th century flower head paperweight inkwell


A Daum Nancy cameo glass vase


A pair of 19th century French Creil et Montereau porcelain vases


A Hancock & Sons Morris Ware vase


A MacIntyre porcelain vase,

made for W Waddington Keighley, height 3ins


A pair of Meissen figures,

emblematic of night and day, height 14.5ins

SOLD FOR £3,900

David Burnham Smith, ceramic model of an owl, together with a St Asaph Earthworks Pottery slipware owl jug and cover, by Wendy Gill, height 7.25ins

SOLD FOR £1,150

A Daum Nancy glass vase, decorated in a Winter Landscape, height 8.75ins

SOLD FOR £1,150

An R Lalique glass vase, decorated in the Lievres pattern, height 7ins

SOLD FOR £1,350

A Meissen porcelain cased mantel clock, 'Uhr Von Zwei Putten Getragen, modelled by Paul Scheurich

SOLD FOR £2,600

A large Moorcroft two handled vase

SOLD for £900

A rare Webb Gem Cameo glass

SOLD for £3,000

A tulipo vase together with other items

SOLD for £1,200

An Albany Fine China limited edition model of a peacock

SOLD for £2,200

A 19th century continental bough pot

SOLD for £2,600

A pair of 19th century glass trumpet vases

SOLD for £880

A Clarice Cliff Birazze bowl, with Sunspots pattern

SOLD for £1,550

A 1930's Lalique opalescent glass dishs

SOLD for £230

A majolica covered honey jar, height 6ins

SOLD for £580

Nantgarw Plate, ' The Three Graces'

SOLD for £26,000

A large Oriental bulbous bodied vase

SOLD £700

A 17th/18th century Chinese vase, of baluster form

SOLD £600

A quantity of drinking glasses

SOLD £170

A pair of Chinese hexagonal shaped covered vases

SOLD £430

A Chinese dish, decorated in underglaze blue

SOLD £1,150

A Wedgwood Boat Race bowl

SOLD £2,500

A Boehm model, of a polo player swinging his mallet

SOLD £550

A large Canton vase

SOLD £520

A pair of 19th century glass vases

SOLD £400

A pair of Bohemian cranberry glass perfume bottles

SOLD £430

A 19th century Bohemian cranberry glass covered goblet

SOLD £1,550

A 19th century Bohemian ruby and flash glass vase

SOLD £160

A set of six French porcelain cabinet plates

SOLD £460

Five modern Moorcroft covered ginger jars

SOLD £650

A modern Moorcroft limited edition pottery covered ginger jar

SOLD £580

Two modern Moorcroft pottery vases

SOLD £680

A modern Moorcroft pottery jug, together with a Moorcroft pottery model of a frog with water reeds

SOLD £460

A pair of Canton vases, height 25.5ins

SOLD £580

A Davenport porcelain rectangular plaque, decorated with a young girl seated on a fallen tree

SOLD £500

A Davenport porcelain rectangular plaque, decorated with children and rabbits

SOLD £650

An R Lalique glass car mascot, Faucon

SOLD £720

A Chinese vase, of bulbous bottle shape

SOLD £900

A pair of Moorcroft MacIntyre florian ware vases

SOLD £1,100

A Royal Doulton Bunnykins three piece tea set

SOLD £1,400

A Moorcroft tea caddy, of cylindrical form

SOLD £3,000

A Russian porcelain model, together with a novelty condiment set

SOLD £4,200

An Antique Delft jar, of waisted form

SOLD £600

A Chinese vase, of baluster form

SOLD £520

An Antique green glass bottle, of bulbous form

SOLD £680

An 18th century Chinese saucer, tureen stand, and small dish

SOLD £1,100

A Satsuma ware quarter lobed patch box

SOLD £980

A Moorcroft vase, decorated in the Pansy pattern

SOLD £620

A large Chinese dish

SOLD £850

A Cantonese bowl, decorated with leaves

SOLD £210

A pair of 19th century green glass lustres

SOLD £620

A pair of amber glass vases

SOLD £300

A pair of 19th century possibly Bohemian glass covered vases

SOLD £1,000

A collection of 19th century Staffordshire flat back figures and spill vases

SOLD £370

A Lalique Saint Francois opalescent glass vase

SOLD £1,000

A pair of Canton vases decorated with reserve panels

SOLD £750

A set of six Doulton Lambeth square section planters

SOLD £460

Five Beswick Beatrix Potter figures

SOLD £270

A collection of 20th century Canton porcelain

SOLD £680

A Vienna porcelain part tea service

SOLD £700

An R Lalique frosted and opalescent glass plaffonier

SOLD £1,400

An Emille Galle glass powder bowl and cover

SOLD £600

A collection of 19th century and later ceramics

SOLD £920

A large Imari covered vase

SOLD £1,600

Two Beswick models, of white fan-tail pigeons

SOLD £310

A Staffordshire porcelain part coffee service

SOLD £270

A limited edition Boehm model

SOLD 3430

A Newcomb College Pottery vase

SOLD £1,050

A Continental porcelain part tea service

SOLD £2,100

A Ruskin pottery bowl,

SOLD £400

A Lalique glass pendant, of shaped T form

SOLD £330

A Royal Crown Derby part dinner service

SOLD £680

Three 19th century Staffordshire porcelain models

SOLD £1,900

A large late 19th century Cantonese covered vase

SOLD £680

A pair of creamware 18th century style sauce boats

SOLD £260

A Coalport porcelain dish

SOLD £550

A Moorcroft Pottery vase

SOLD £290

A Moorcroft Pottery ginger jar and cover, decorated in the Romeo and Juilet pattern

SOLD £250

A Nymphenburg porcelain model, of a terrier

SOLD £240

A collection of Clarice Cliff Bizarre ware china

SOLD £440

A pair of 19th century majolica wall pockets

SOLD £370

A Moorcroft pottery vase, decorated in the Hazeldene pattern

SOLD £880

A quantity of 18th century saucers and creamware strainers

SOLD £460

An oval continental plaque

SOLD £360

A Ruskin pottery vase and stand

SOLD £1,800

A pair of Chinese blue and white table lamps

SOLD £2,200

A pair of 19th century Meissen porcelain figures

SOLD £680

A pair of 20th century porcelain models

SOLD £720

A suite of glass

SOLD £270

Four Whitefriars millefiori glass paperweight

SOLD £1,500

A 19th century drinking glass, with opaque glass twist to the stem, together with four others

SOLD £520

A cylindrical Oriental vase, decorated with mountainous landscape

SOLD £360

A Ruskin Pottery vase, with bulbous body

SOLD £420

A Ruskin Pottery covered bottle, with screw off shaped cap

SOLD £780

A 19th century Continental porcelain figure group, and two other figures

SOLD £460

A Goldscheider Pottery wall mask

SOLD £380

A 19th century English porcelain part tea service

SOLD £550

Two 19th century airtwist glasses, together with another cordial glass

SOLD £950

A pair of 19th century porcelain bough pots

SOLD £400

A 19th century Cantagalli ewer, with scroll and bird handle

SOLD £370

One of eight late 19th/early 20th Viennese plate, all similarly decorated with, a blue ground and heavily gilded border


A German figure group, of a courtier and a lady with a young boy

SOLD £300

A 19th century English porcelain part service

SOLD £1,350

A Worcester bell shaped tankard decorated with a transfer of Pitt the Elder, height 5.75ins, circa 1760
SOLD £1,400

An Elliott stoneware mug, inscribed 'Heroic Defender of Mayf King - Telegram from Col. Baden Powell - Four Hours Bombardment - One Dog Killed'

SOLD £290

A Royal Staffordshire Pottery Wilkinsons London toby jug, designed by Carruthers Gould, of President Wilson, height 10.5ins, circa 1918
SOLD £550

A 19th century Thomas Webb style cameo glass scent bottle

SOLD £680

A pair of 18th century cut brass sun and moon signs, with original painted faces, heights 11.5ins and 10ins

SOLD £1,100

A Victorian porcelain scent bottle, of egg form

SOLD £410

A 19th century Bloor Derby porcelain bough pot

SOLD £300

A pair of Continental covered vases, the covers surmounted by crowns, putti and flowers

SOLD £1,100

A Meiji period Satsuma two handled vase, decorated with reserved panels of figures in a landscape

SOLD £920

A Coalport covered vase, decorated with a reserve 'In the Garden' by J Keeling, to a blue and gilt ground, raised on a circular pedestal foot

SOLD £720

A Clarice Cliff Honolulu pattern vase, from the Bizarre range, of oval form, height 5ins
SOLD £460

An R Lalique clear glass vase, in the Tortues pattern, height 11ins

SOLD £6,800

A KPM porcelain vase, decorated in the Art Nouveau style in blue and green jewelling and gilt, height 6ins

SOLD £620

A 19th century German porcelain covered vase and stand, the pierced top, vase and stand heavily encrusted with flowers and fruits

SOLD £2,000

A Ruskin Pottery vase, decorated with a mottled red and white glaze, dated 1913, height 10ins

SOLD £700

A pair of Straits Chinese famille rose vases, decorated to a pink ground, height 10ins


A Wedgwood lustre bowl diameter 10ins


An 18th century Bow porcelain figure, of Ceres, from the four elements series


A pair of Cantonese Famille Vert covered vases, heights 25ins

SOLD FOR £2,800

A KPM Berlin covered pot pourri, height 17.75ins

SOLD FOR £2,100

A pair of covered Sevres porcelain vases, signed E Parot, height approximately 19.5ins

SOLD FOR £1,800

Six 19th century Chinese plates, decorated with birds in foliage to a green border, diameter 8.5ins


A Della Robbia charger, decorated with flowers and leaves by Charles Collis, diameter 19.5ins

SOLD FOR £2,300