A large Black Forest bear carved wooden clock group height 39ins

SOLD FOR £15,000

An 18th century Italian violin, from the Tecchler School, with stylized leaf decoration to the single piece back, length including button 14.5ins

SOLD FOR £12,000

Eleven bottles of 1970 Croft vintage port


A 19th century part skeleton, supplied by Millikin and Lawley, in pine box with original label


A Black Forest style carved novelty tobacco jar, carved as the face of a Scottie dog smoking

height 7.5ins


A W Watson & Sons London monocular microscope, in brass and black lacquer


Two 19th century carved Japanese ivory models, of monkeys with their young, height 1.25ins, together with a carved ivory figure of a hare

SOLD FOR £1,800

A pair of 19th century treen nutcrackers, formed as an old man and a woman, height 8.5ins

SOLD FOR £1,200

A 19th century stump work picture, of a dog on a bead work blanket and cushion, 14.5ins x 18ins


Four bottles of 1982 Chateau Pichon Longueville Baron


A 19th century mahogany cased rosewood flute

SOLD for £1,100

John Smart, miniature on ivory, 1.5ins x 1.25ins

SOLD for £10,000

A set of three World War I medals, together with death plaque and other ephemera

SOLD for £1,800

A pack of playing cards, each engraved with a different scene of figures

SOLD for £4,000

Five sketch books, containing watercolours and pencil sketches

SOLD for £900

A white metal oval miniature frame

SOLD £320

An ivory walking stick

SOLD for £780

A Regency green tortoiseshell tea caddy

SOLD for £5,500

A scrimshaw, carved with Willis attacked at Otaheite

SOLD for £3,200

An early and rare pair of bellows, diameter 10.5ins

SOLD for £7,800

An S Mordan & Co propelling pencil, length closed 3.5ins

SOLD for £340

An Autograph album, containing various autographs

SOLD for £600

An extensive 19th century autograph album, to include autographs and facsimile autographs of European and Royal families

SOLD for £4,400

Two 19th and early 20th century albums, of watercolour sketches

SOLD for £3,900

A sandalwood and ivory folding chess board

SOLD £460

A full set of 19th century Goodall London playing cards

SOLD £410

A collection of various fans

SOLD £580

A possibly late 19th century German violin

SOLD £800

An Arts and Crafts oak table cabinet, attributed to Ernest Gimson

SOLD £9,200

A George III ribbed ivory octagonal tea caddy

SOLD £3,000

The Britannia BHA London polyphon

SOLD £360

A pair of Antique European carved ivory handled knife and fork

SOLD £980

An R Fuess oak cased barograph

SOLD £350

A Norris of London adjustable smooth plane

SOLD £1,050

A 19th century carved marble figure

SOLD £2,400

A 19th century brown and white marble pedestal

SOLD £1,000

A muzzle loading hammer gun

SOLD £440

A French carved ivory triptych figure

SOLD £1,050

A 19th century French marble mantel clock,

SOLD £310

A flintlock pistol

SOLD £310

P Phillippe, ivory and cold painted bronze figure

SOLD £3,400

An Chinese ivory brush pot

SOLD £1,100

A cylindrical oriental ivory box

SOLD £720

A 19th century framed tapestry wool work picture

SOLD £550

A 19th century mahogany cased 8 day wall clock

SOLD £920

An Namiki Cartier pen


A 19th century mahogany sewing aid

SOLD £500

A 19th century continental tortoiseshell automaton musical snuff box

SOLD £3,600

A 19th century tortoiseshell ladies travelling writing


SOLD £1,200


Four albums of original photographs and postcards

SOLD £320

A 19th century oak and burr oak cased mantel clock

SOLD £920

An Art Deco ivory and bronze figure, Alméria, by Demetre Chiparus

SOLD £92,000

World War One service medals

SOLD £490

A 19th century mahogany sewing box

SOLD £340

A George Formby ukulele, with burr maple back

SOLD £340

A Georgian mahogany apothecary table top cabinet

SOLD £290

Sargent Lieutenant Geoffrey Meredyth Keble White, a group of Royal Navy medals

SOLD £620

A case (twelve bottles) of Warres 1991 port

SOLD £370

A Chinese green jade censer, of archaic form

SOLD £58,000

A Chinese green jade square box

SOLD £19,000

A brass cased lantern clock

SOLD £380

A 1960's motor racing album

SOLD £330

A 19th century Chinese carved ivory chess set

SOLD £460

A two-day marine chronometer

SOLD £550

A 19th century portrait miniature

SOLD £1,500

A Redmile, a mounted tortoise shell

SOLD £1,100

A group of first world war medals

SOLD £1,200

A collection of war medals

SOLD £700

A quantity of camera equipment

SOLD £1,400

A 19th century enamelled etui

SOLD £600

A 19th century tortoiseshell tea caddy

SOLD £820

A Georgian ebonised three train quarter chiming bracket clock

SOLD £2,400

A Viola, with two piece back

SOLD £1,300

A Fijian hard wood gun stock club

SOLD £500

A 19th century drum and bells orchestral music box

SOLD £720

A Jaques Staunton weighted chess set

SOLD £680

A unique bronzed bust of Sir Winston Churchill

SOLD £2,800

A 19th century black slate calendar clock

SOLD £1,500

A 19th century ebonised bracket clock

SOLD £15,000

A burr wood mantel clock, possibly oak

SOLD £11,000

A 19th century wooden artist mannequin

SOLD £1,900

A Japanese ivory figure

SOLD £1,450

A collection of assorted camera equipment

SOLD £4,300

A 19th century Windsor & Newton mahogany artist paint box

SOLD £310

A folio of approximately 180 light fitting designs

SOLD £2,600

A 19th century French clock

SOLD £5,400

A Black Forest style wooden carving of cows

SOLD £550

Four Leica D.R.P cameras

SOLD £1,800

A pair of 19th century marble and ormolu mounted urns

SOLD £520

An automaton doll, probably French

SOLD £800

An antique iron grisset

SOLD £300

A pair of binoculars

SOLD £390

An Edwardian oak cased table top barograph

SOLD £490

A collection of First World War ephemera relating to Lieutenant George Gordon

SOLD £900

Court Game of Geography

SOLD £1,050

Two packs of 19th century playing cards

SOLD £2,800

Two Morris and Co of London curtains, one bearing label

SOLD £1,100

A quantity of William Morris style fabric

SOLD £250

A Black Forest carved wooden coat hook]

SOLD £800

A large 19th century cylinder music box

SOLD £950

A 19th century 8 key flute, by R Weeves Plymouth

SOLD £550

A Wheatstone concertina

SOLD £360

A Rudall Carte & Co rosewood flute

SOLD £720

W F Homer, Pike 18.25lbs

SOLD £700

A turned wooden solitaire board, together with thirty-two Victorian marbles

SOLD £650

A Georgian painted Worcester City truncheon, decorated with the City Coat of Arms

SOLD £320

A pair of 19th century Parker Field and Sons London percussion pistols

SOLD £820

Three similar 19th century flint lock pistols

SOLD £900

A 19th century bronze starting cannon, on a wooden base, height 6.5ins


A Samurai sword

SOLD £2,700

An amber box, the rectangular wooden carcass with applied amber fragments, some losses, length 15cm

SOLD £390

A Victorian oval gilt brass strut clock, retailed by London & Ryder, 17 New Bond Street London

SOLD £4,000

A late 19th century gilt brass travelling clock

SOLD £800

A late 19th century Webster Queen Victoria Street London mantel clock

SOLD £2,100

A William Tomlinson London 18th century twin fusee movement bracket clock, in ebonised case

SOLD £5,200

A 19th century mahogany drop dial wall clock

SOLD £2,300

A 19th century portrait miniature, of Captain Swain HM 36 Regt 1808

SOLD £750

A Masonic stone punch bowl, decorated with a band of Masonic cipher

SOLD £310

A collection of First World War medals

SOLD £440

Cricket memorabilia

SOLD £250

A Lund's patent corkscrew

SOLD £8,500

Rugby memorabilia, a Gloucester rugby cap

SOLD £210

Seven various small Egyptian artefacts

SOLD £800

A BRM nose cone, from the damaged car driven by Graham Hil

SOLD £1,900

A French light cavalry sword

SOLD £680

A William IV painted truncheon

SOLD £330

A 20th century silver plated scroll holder

SOLD £520

A Leica M3 camera, no. 778 881

SOLD £900

A Louis Vuitton trunk

SOLD £2100

A 19th century German stag horn casket

SOLD £1,450

An Italian Eight String Mandolin

SOLD £1,500

A circular perpetual calendar strut clock,

SOLD £210

A silver and mother of pearl casket

SOLD £2,100

A Leica M4-1194836 camera, and other lenses

SOLD £600

Ten various late Victorian Edwardian postcard albums

SOLD £340

A Japanese hardwood Meiji period figure

SOLD £1,700

A Ross Ensign Autorange 820 camera, with Ross 105mm Xpres f/3.8 lens, No. 74766, in leather case

SOLD £800

Forty-four assorted snooker balls, most coloured, some being 19th century ivory, diameter 2ins

SOLD £880

Ten bottles of Clynelish 12 Year Old Malt Scotch Whisky, 26 2/3 fl oz, together with a bottle of Bells Whisky

SOLD £4,800

A bottle of Auchentoshan Lowland Single Malt Whisky, together with a Lagavulin 12 Year Old Scotch Whisky, and a litre bottle of Crown Royal Blended Canadian Whisky (3)

SOLD £430

A set of cased 18th century Soloman Henry Royal Patent ballance & gauge for gold coin

SOLD £850

A 19th century tapestry sampler, decorated with verses, birds, flowers, animals and Adam and Eve

SOLD £400

A 19th century portrait miniature, painted on ivory, of a man in blue coat, together with three others

SOLD £520

Paul Phillippe, The Respectful Splits, a cold painted bronze and ivory figure, length 11.5ins

SOLD £3,800

A 19th century burr amboyna tantalus, with mother of pearl and brass inlay

SOLD £1,150

A singing bird, in an octagonal shaped cage, raised on a similarly shaped base

SOLD £1,150

A Paillard & Co London rosewood cased music box

SOLD £850

A 19th century paper leaf fan, decorated with illustrations of views and diagrams on both sides

SOLD £580

An Eastern push dagger, in gilt metal, with curved ribbed knuckle guard and chains to a hinged bangle, decorated with bells, having a red velvet covered scabbard, length of blade 9ins

SOLD £820

A brass skeleton clock, with fusee movement

SOLD £700

A pair of Antique Belgium flintlock pistols, with steel barrel and ram rod, mahogany stock, marked ELG* and oesterlein??, length 17ins

SOLD £420

An oval box, possibly horn, with red text in Welsh to the lid, named and dated 1655, maximum diameter 3.25ins

SOLD £1,150

A Hermes Paris silk scarf, decorated with Roman helmets, and anthemion design in gold to red, light blue and navy border, 34ins x 35ins

SOLD £80

A Chinese cinnabar lacquer plate, decorated with a dragon

SOLD £360

A Tongan hardwood tribal paddle club, the triangular leaf blade with geometric caving, with knop, length 28.75ins

SOLD £430

A case of twelve bottles of 1997 Chateau Haut-Brion (12)

SOLD £1,300

A bottle of Talisker scotch whisky, bonded and bottled by Gordon & Macphail, Elgin, 70 degree proof

SOLD £460

Five bottles of 1990 Bollinger La Grande Annee Brut Champagne, all in original boxes (5)
SOLD £390

A quantity of mother of pearl gaming counters, all decorated with floral and figural scenes to pierced borders, and inscribed Virtuten Coronat Honos

SOLD FOR £1,150

A 19th century Continental casket, with hardstone and agate mounts, with ormolu mounts


A 19th century mahogany oval tray


A 19th century turned ivory chess set, in stained red and natural, height of king 4.75ins, together with wooden chess board


Prof G Befsi, Giuvitta, marble bust of a girl, height approximately 22.5ins, together with a marble column, height 50ins


Seven bottles of 1983 Chateau Haut Brion


John Smart, 18th century oval portrait miniature painted on ivory, believed to be of Charles Cornwallis 1st Marquess Cornwallis (1738-1795)

SOLD FOR £8,800

Ten 19th century turned ivory snooker balls